Psychometric Testing

Recruitment Assessment

Recruitment of new staff can be one of the most important tasks any business can undertake. The right selection can result in a beneficial long term investment, while the wrong selection will result in wasted time and resources.
Bower Place Corporate Psychometric Assessments uses Genesys online test and Assessments to ensure the highest quality information is provided to business.
When businesses include Bower Place Corporate Psychometric Assessments into their recruitment process they conduct a more thorough recruitment process which results and select the most appropriate person for the role. Read more.

Career/Vocational Assessment

People either beginning a career or those already employed may want to pursue and assessment which will explain in detail what attributes they might bring to a work role. A career/vocational assessment can provide valuable information for those seeking this information. Areas that can be assessed include:

Abstract reasoning, critical thinking, verbal and numerical ability
Occupational interest’s profile
Learning style
Values and motivations
Personality assessment
Occupational personality profile

A comprehensive report written by one of our psychologists is included in the assessment. Read more.

Intelligence Assessment

Bower Place selects the most appropriate assessment tool when assessing intelligence.
Options include:
The Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities (Third Edition)(WJ-III-Cog).
As well as internationally-recognised results and a range of useful clinical measures (including attention and executive function), outcomes on the WJ-III-Cog are accepted for entry into Mensa for individuals in the top 2% of intellectual functioning.
Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children – V (WISC-V)
The new and updated Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children includes two new scales for assessing non verbal reasoning (Fluid Reasoning and Visual-Spatial Reasoning). The test also includes scales of Auditory Working Memory and Cognitive Proficiency. These new scales allow for information to be included specifically directed towards improving outcomes for children in the classroom.
. Read more.

Fitness For Work

An employee’s Fitness for Work (FFW) may be affected by a range of factors – alcohol, fatigue, drugs, stress, medical conditions or their emotional state. Our emphasis at Bower Place is on managing the risk associated with these factors. Effective management can minimise the impact on workplace performance and decrease the risk of workplace incidents and workers compensation claims. Read more.