Online Supervision and Professional Development Training

The declaration of a global pandemic reasonably increases everyone’s stress and anxiety, yet it is crucial that we mange ourselves and our key relationships at home and work. Being frightened increases the risk of family conflict and domestic violence as fear and a loss of control translates into anger. At work staff may become immobilised and unproductive at a time where we need to be increasingly dextrous, creative and supportive of each other. This is particularly true of those working in the human services field; psychology, social work, accounting, law whose clients look to for clear, unequivocal guidance, support and advice. As the demand from our clients increases, we may find ourselves doubly overwhelmed and unable to adequately respond to them and others in our world.

Now is the time to help each other with kindness, calm, consistency and clarity. It is also a time for both clients and their service providers to be supported by skilled practitioners. Professionals in both the public and private sectors have expertise in their chosen field, be it medicine, education, law, disability, aged care or child protection, but are constrained to respond to the emotional demands of their clients. They may also feel overwhelmed by those demands. The task of emotional helping requires specialist expertise in managing complex situations, an ability to assess the dynamics and difficulties that present both individually and relationally and understand the impact of the current health crisis on individuals, families and the work contexts. It must also be done in a way the protects the health and wellbeing of all parties.

High quality supervision, training and professional development to colleagues, business leaders, teams and organizations will continue to be offered as on-line. Input can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual practitioner, team or work group to help them work more effectively with their client group while remaining effective and functional.


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