Change²⁰⁰ Programme

The work of Bower Place in this seriously eccentric Coronavirus space has ramped up. The Change²⁰⁰ programme has been rolled out with families, with very  challenged young children and extremely dysregulated adolescents. Change²⁰⁰ is an individual, couple and family change program specifically designed to take advantage of the fact that people in this community are going to be in one form of lockdown or another for at least the next 200 days and couples and family members are going to be seriously overexposed to each other over this 200 day period.

The programme is structured and focused on producing specifically negotiated changes in behaviour, emotions, cognition, interaction, relationships and performance across a wide range of personal and relationship variables important to members of a family unit. The programme can be adapted for individuals and couples, and may be funded through Medicare, NDIS, private health funds or through government and non-government service providers. The program is applicable to mental health and addictions and includes a very high levels of accountability and feedback. Every program is run by a senior practitioner (psychologist or social worker) supported by a clinical assistant. All consultations are online.

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