Bower Place Open Day October 2017 School Holiday

The Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic (CNC) is a low fee teaching clinic that runs from Monday to Friday each week. It is a vehicle for training, research, and the provision of high quality clinical services to clients. Our highly experienced practitioners work in the CNC alongside Malcolm Robinson and Catherine Sanders, consultants and Bower Place Directors. Students have the opportunity to work alongside our practitioners and clients in the CNC to develop and enhance their skills. All practitioners at Bower Place have an extensive background in teaching, with Malcolm and Catherine having over 60 years combined experience.
Bower Place students complete their supervised clinical practice for the Graduate Certificate and Diploma of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice programs by working in the CNC. Bower Place accepts graduate students from all Australian Universities and higher education providers on a continuous basis.
The Complex Needs Clinic is open for 42 weeks per year, and offers therapy to a diverse range of clients.
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