Bower Knowledge and Training – Complexity Series

Bower Place has released The Complexity Series.

The Practitioners at Bower Place have extensive experience working with complex systems and families and have released a series of online workshops that are approached through this lens, a coherent systemic methodology through which to address complex clients

  • An understanding of the part of all those involved in creating and maintaining complexity
  • A way of thinking that addresses constraints to change
  • Practical tools to explore and understand each client
  • Strategies and intervention to address presenting difficulties

There are four workshops, a foundation course for learning the fundamentals of the methodology, and three topic workshops, each focusing on specific cases for using the framework.

  • Topic 1: A theoretical frame for understanding & working with complex cases
  • Topic 2: Working with complex children & families
  • Topic 3: Working with complex adolescents & families
  • Topic 4: Working with complex adults & families

Who are the presenters?

The series will be presented by the directors and practitioners of the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic:

  • Malcolm Robinson, Director, Social Worker and Family Therapist
  • Catherine Sanders, Director, Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist
  • Ann Weir and Melissa Minney, Registered Psychologists
  • Ecaterina Eltahir and Charles Maddison, Social Workers & Counsellors

Who would be suited to these online workshops?

  • All mental health practitioners: psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health social workers, family therapists, counsellors, mental health nurses and case coordinators. Post-graduate students in relevant disciplines will also benefit.
  • Service delivery agencies, regulatory & funding bodies.
  • Organisations & families dealing with complex matters

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