Specialist online counselling

Specialist online counselling

Support and therapeutic services for people experiencing the impact of their own and others’ distress


Bower Place provides confidential expert online consultations for individuals, couples and families experiencing the impact of the COVID-19. When humans experience extraordinary external stressors, individual and relationship distress between couples and within families can escalate. Delivery of services using secure on-line technology protects the health and wellbeing of all parties. Two tiers of therapeutic services are available.

Counselling support for those who are offering services to the community including:

    • Medical Practitioners
    • Nurses
    • Aged care workers
    • Teachers and education professionals
    • Disability workers

Counselling Support for patients, clients, students and parents, who require assistance with whom these workers come in contact.


Knowledge and Training – Professional Development

Bower Place also provides online training for individuals and organisations wanting to maintain their professional development and utilise time at home in the best possible way.

We provide supervision for professionals working across all sectors.


For bookings or further information please contact Bower Place

(08) 8221 6066 or info@bowerplace.com.au