Employee Assistance & Critical Incident

Bower Corporate is continuing a long tradition in the provision of Employee Assistance Programmes, Critical Incidence Response, Management Consulting and Workplace Dispute Resolution. However with additional specialist training and an expansion of the team we can now also offer Fitness for Work and Corporate Psychometric Assessment.

Bower Place also offers a mediation and conference room hire.

For more information, please contact us on 08 8221 6066 or info@bowerplace.com.au

Employee Assistance

Bower Place has a long history of the provision of high quality Employee Assistance Programme services both in the clinic and at the workplace. A feature of the service has been the prompt response to client needs and the willingness to travel to country areas to respond to crisis situations. Practitioners from Bower Corporate regularly visit remote locations bringing professional services to those who would have no access to this support. These services are available to employees of participating organizations and their families and cover the full range of issues which cause difficulty. They can range from more individually based difficulties like drug and alcohol problems, depression, anger management and stress to resolving conflicts at work and marital and relationship problems with children and other family members.

EAP work with Bower Place is completely confidential, with professional, caring and experienced practitioners. It can be made available to employees and designated family members as per the referring organisation. We can also provide access to urgent counselling for critical incidents.

Counselling with a qualified professional can provide a positive and sensitive way for people to deal with issues that may be causing difficulty in their workplace or personal lives. Our counselling approach is based on a structured, short term counselling model using well recognised psychological techniques and counselling practices.

Our Employee Assistance Program as a supportive and preventative strategy to manage and reduce the impact of personal and or work related concerns on workers’ compensation, work performance and an employee’s overall well-being.

When addressed early, an Employee Assistance Program can benefit both the individual and organisation through:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Improved safety record
  • Increased employee morale and motivation
  • Reduced occupational stress and conflict
  • Reduced staff turnover and associated loss of technical expertise
  • Reduced costs associated with workers compensation and industrial relations cases

EAP Practitioners are Malcolm Robinson and Marten Johns. To arrange an appointment, please call us on 8221 6066 or email info@bowerplace.com.au

Critical Incident

Bower Place offers Critical Incident Response Counselling for serious and often very stressful events in an organisation. Our Practitioners can be available at any time of the day, 7 days a week, and will work closely with an organisation to ensure the best for all staff members that may be affected at this difficult time.

We ensure the psychological care of those involved in critical incidents including:

  • defusing and debriefing,
  • monitoring,
  • management advice & support; and
  • individual counselling of those affected
  • referral for ongoing support if necessary

In the past, we have worked with large organisations throughout Adelaide and South Australia for up to 14 hours a day to provide the support they require.

To make further enquiries, please phone 8221 6066, or email info@bowerplace.com.au