Language & Cultural Diversity

First Languages

The Bower Place Complex Need’s Clinic works therapeutically in eight (8) first languages – English, Mandarin, Farsi, Arabic, Dinka, Russian, French and Serbian. The entire therapeutic process is conducted in the client’s first language – no interpreters punctuating the therapeutic process – no interpreters converting the deep analogic nuances of the heart and mind, of love, relationship and attachment, of trauma, into a superficial digital transaction about information. Culture is carried by language. Love and its synonyms are nuanced in the client’s first language rendered superficial in a second language.

The therapeutic process is always unequal. Language inequality amplifies this inequality. Inequality is the primary constraint to change. The Complex Need’s Clinic works on reversals – it tips the process of translation on its epistemological head. The client’s first language is in full command of the therapeutic process. How is this achieved? The Complex Need’s Clinic uses a therapeutic process rich in client centred protocols translated into languages combined with first language practitioner’s and clinical assistants and a first language protocol for client’s accessing the knowledge and expertise of senior ‘in-room’ practitioner/therapists.

Matters of the mind and the heart and of attached and intimate relationships are deeply nuanced and extremely difficult to describe in any language other than the first language of the client. And this requires a dialogue that explores these matters as distinct from a digital questioning and enquiry process.