COVID-19 Blog Posts


COVID-19 Blog So, you ask me about Coronavirus isolation, well oddly, isolation is actually suiting me quite well in some ways, as I am highly productive without the distractions offered up to me by my younger employees who constantly distract, interrupt me, talk to me,.... Read More


COVID-19 Blog Management, service delivery, therapeutic practice, discussions with colleagues, disputes, differences of opinion, management meetings, dialogue with employees, supervision, counselling, all forms of human services, support and interaction have been transformed overnight from physical face-to-face to electronic and online. The world has gone viral.... Read More

La peste

COVID-19 Blog In this time of ‘la peste’ the world as we know it is different. Assumptions about who and how we are as the humans of this Earth are now under question. The world hungers for a return to normality. I do not want.... Read More

200 days of COVID-19

COVID-19 Blog The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant global crisis since WWII & the Great Depression. To deal with the Australian end of this global crisis the Government needed a short-term pandemic model & a short to medium-term economic model to bankroll the pandemic.... Read More

COVID-19 & Morrison

COVID-19 Blog I was raised in swamp country, Mooro country, stretching north of the Swan River in Western Australia. A swamp will teach you how to dig a tractor out of a bog, out of a quagmire; the more you spin your wheels the deeper.... Read More