Director’s Notes

Parent Alienation or Wise Avoidance?

Practitioners who work with separating parents and their children are familiar with the distress, anxiety and fury that accompanies a child’s steadfast refusal to have contact with a parent. The therapeutic and legal community where the concept is invoked is also divided. Some argue that.... Read More

How Well Are We Protecting Australian Children’s Rights?

Children’s rights as a concept is nebulous and requires facts, figures and numbers to make it live. The Children’s Rights Report 2019—In Their Own Right, produced by Megan Mitchell, National Children’s Commissioner ‘tells the story of how well children’s rights are protected and promoted across.... Read More

The Times They are A-Changing

Society and the families it encompass is a dynamic, ever changing system and we are all aware that ‘things are not like they were when I was young’. Exploring the nature of these changes raises questions about the issues with which our clients present and.... Read More

Villains and Victims, Parents and Children

Confronted with a terrorized child or a parent forced to leave their home for fear of the injury they may sustain at the hands of their offspring, it is tempting to label one party as ‘bad’ and the other as ’good’. These dichotomies make life.... Read More

Rights, Authority and Responsibility; How Do we Find the Balance?

The effective balance between the rights of a child and the authority of a care giver is a challenge for all who care for children. When difficulties in the relationship appear it is easy to overemphasize  either the child’s rights, without reference to the adult,.... Read More