Director’s Notes

Language & Cultural Diversity II

What can Family Therapy Offer Refugees? The United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees estimated that in 2015 over 65million people were forced from their homes as a result of armed conflict, persecution or disaster. Of these, over half were children and adolescents, some of whom.... Read More

Inequality & Language Diversity

The management of inequality within the therapeutic process is central to the Bower Place Method. Inequality is understood to operate in three key domains, the political, the problem and the psychological. Refugees are deeply impacted by all three. Of particular importance is psychological inequality which.... Read More

Working with ‘Complex’ Children

The assumption that human difficulties are within the person who shows the symptom means that service delivery systems are organised around this presumption. Clients are seen within designated services that are labelled by age, gender or symptom category and both assessment and intervention tend to.... Read More

Emotional Dysregulation (part 3)

Dysregulated Children – the Escalating Cycle Parents, teachers and carers will tell you they can ‘see it coming’ and dread the signals from the dysregulated child which herald a ‘meltdown’. Yet those in the middle find it hard to see the whole pattern and their.... Read More

Emotional Dysregulation (part 2)

How do we think about dysregulated children? Working with dysregulated children within the Bower Place Complex Needs Clinic, has provided us with the opportunity to develop both skill and expand knowledge in this domain. Our challenge has been to familiarise ourselves with the literature and.... Read More