Director’s Notes

Locked up for Everyone’s Good

The joy and relief of travellers released from quarantine following their arrival from overseas, speaks to the unpleasant experience of confinement. A review of the literature by Brooks (2020) summarises the psychological impact of quarantine and concludes that the impact is wide-ranging, substantial, and.... Read More


COVID-19 Blog Management, service delivery, therapeutic practice, discussions with colleagues, disputes, differences of opinion, management meetings, dialogue with employees, supervision, counselling, all forms of human services, support and interaction have been transformed overnight from physical face-to-face to electronic and online. The world has gone viral.... Read More

Transformation, Turning Points and Crises

Practitioners whose work is informed by general systems theory are familiar with the concept that the pressure of ordinary development or extraordinary external events results in a transformation of the system in response to the challenge. Part of the process of BowerNote is to construct.... Read More

Physically Isolated but Socially Connected

Covid-19 kills but social isolation and loneliness carry it’s own risks. A study by Lee, Depp, Palmer and Glorioso (2019), which looked at adverse health effects of loneliness across the adult life span discovered that  76% had moderate-high levels of loneliness, which correlated with worse.... Read More

La peste

COVID-19 Blog In this time of ‘la peste’ the world as we know it is different. Assumptions about who and how we are as the humans of this Earth are now under question. The world hungers for a return to normality. I do not want.... Read More