Director’s Notes

Now Let’s Go Back

It’s eight weeks since practitioners at Bower Place and many other organizations packed up computers and recreated their workplace at home. We were given sound advice about managing ourselves in this new world as we adapted to new roles and relationships which for some involved.... Read More

When we Emerge

Isolation of families throughout recent weeks has brought both dark and light into homes. For families already struggling with a member determined to exercise their authority, the forced loss of control has escalated couple and family violence. Those they target have been further disadvantaged by.... Read More

Fairness, Equality and Muffins

Standing in my local bakery waiting for my morning coffee I was captured by a conversation as a woman enquired about the variety of muffins available. I’ll have two chocolate and raspberry she requested to which the owner replied “I’m sorry I only have one”..... Read More


COVID-19 Blog So, you ask me about Coronavirus isolation, well oddly, isolation is actually suiting me quite well in some ways, as I am highly productive without the distractions offered up to me by my younger employees who constantly distract, interrupt me, talk to me,.... Read More

Lest we Forget?

On April 23rd David Littleproud, Minister for Agriculture, called on G20 Nations to end wet wildlife markets citing the risk to human health and agricultural markets. It has taken a pandemic to bring our attention to the fact that our world is powerfully interconnected and.... Read More