Director’s Notes

Integrative Models

The early days of family therapy theory and practice was ‘dominated by a charismatic set of brilliant therapists who ranged widely in how they conceptualized family process and what they did in therapy.’ In turn practitioners were invited to become devotees of one ‘school’ and.... Read More

Family Therapy is…

The term ‘family therapy’ would have to be one of the most misleading titles in our field. How can that be? Surely it is self-evident? Family therapy is about meeting with a family to address their relational difficulties. Not so. Family therapy is about meeting.... Read More


Internet addiction is an increasingly common presentation by parents of adolescents and one they feel helpless to understand or influence. It is ‘characterized by excessive and compulsive Internet use and a preoccupation with and loss of control over this use that interferes with individuals’ daily.... Read More

40 years of Family Therapy in Australia

On October 17th and 18th family therapist from around Australia will gather to share knowledge, debate ideas and enjoy each other’s company at their annual conference for the 40th year. The theme, ‘People across Culture, Time and Sea: Looking Back and Looking Forward’ invites us.... Read More

Word and Image

The Bower Place Model and BowerNote, the protocols of practice, are premised on the idea that the management of inequality is fundamental to effective change. In therapy this entails a number of strategies to address the inescapable inequality in the therapeutic relationship including the use.... Read More