Director’s Notes


Recognition that the family is both powerfully affected and potentially central to the  resolution of alcohol miss-use, dates back to the temperance movement of the 1800s. In the late 1800’s attempts were made to engage families in treatment in residential facilities to address ‘dipsomania and.... Read More

Transgender Children

Many parents and practitioners struggle with the increasing number of young people presenting with gender dysphoria. Adults are confronted with the reality of childhood sexuality and challenges to traditional binary notions of gender. The vexed question of gender-affirming medical intervention that requires consent by a.... Read More

Mental Illness and Families – The Symptom is in Me but the Solution is in the Family

Bower Knowledge The siloed approach to many of our human services can mean that when a parent develops a mental illness both the impact on and resources for recovery within the family are overlooked. A paper published for practitioners by the Australian Institute for Family.... Read More

What Do You Believe?

Bower Knowledge Twenty years ago, family therapists were challenged to address violence and abuse in families and as a result a rich literature developed that allows trainee practitioners to develop confidence and expertise in broaching and addressing this difficult area. Now, another area of human.... Read More

The Protective Value of a Positive Role Model

Bower Knowledge Adolescence is a key time for identity formation when young people look to the adults around them to determine appropriate and acceptable behaviour and source models of who they would like to become in the future. This can work either positively or negatively.... Read More