Director’s Notes

Selective Mutism

Words are the primary tools of most therapies and selective mutism in children is about an inability to speak in some contexts while able to do so freely in others. While a relatively rare symptom, Monzo et al (2015) suggests it is an increasingly common.... Read More

Gaming Addiction

Increasingly parents are presenting to therapy concerned that their teenage child is suffering Internet Gaming Disorder – an addiction which may prevent sleep and school attendance and present a major source of distress within the family. Conceptualized as an addictive disorder, cognitive-behavioural approaches have traditionally.... Read More

First Languages II

It is likely that a client whose first language is different from their therapist’s, may be significantly limited in their capacity to maximally benefit from mental health services. The obvious solution is to enlist the help of an interpreter, although little is known about the.... Read More

Psychologists and Family Therapy

In 1979 the first family therapy conference was held in Melbourne with the stage set in some states for a professional collision course. Psychologists were graduating with a strong and almost exclusive training in behaviour therapy and with a commitment to the scientist–practitioner model. At.... Read More

First Languages

Australia is a country which becomes home to many whose first language is not English, the language spoken by many practitioners. As Ruiz-Adams says “It is through language that cultural values, self-beliefs, and moral character are shared with the community to which an individual belongs..... Read More