Director’s Notes

Couples Therapy in Times of Coronavirus

Much has been written about the risks of relationship difficulties in families in the context of the current health crisis, but less attention has been paid to addressing these issues. A yet to be published paper by Stanley and Markham (2020) suggests strategies and guidelines.... Read More

It’s not Unreasonable to be Frightened but it Shouldn’t Steal your Life

Coronacast, a daily ABC podcast presented by physician and journalist Dr Norman Swan and health reporter Teagan Taylor is an excellent source of information about the Corona Virus. Last Wednesday  17th June the pair answered questions about anxious children who were reluctant to go to.... Read More

Choosing Between Two Right Alternatives

Choosing Between Two Imperatives On Saturday June 6th Australians were invited to join marches in solidarity with the American “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations and to protest black deaths in custody and violence against Aboriginal people in this country. At the same time, we continued to.... Read More

Pandemics, Revolution and Inequality

Even at the height of the struggle against Covid-19 the predictions were being made.  Andreas Kluth, writing for Bloomburg Opinion on April 11th said, ‘The most misleading cliche about the Coronavirus is that it treats us all the same. It doesn’t, neither medically nor economically,.... Read More

Lockdown and Domestic Terrorism

Couples Emerging from Isolation While lockdown and social isolation have been effective in stemming the escalation of COVID-19 infections they have also created ideal conditions for domestic violence. Deprived of access to external support systems and unable to escape the presence of a partner, this.... Read More