Director’s Notes

How Do You Want to be Eulogized?

In a strange confluence of events the day of a workshop on working with older adults and their families, a memorial was held at the Capitol for American Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the first for a woman. As a Supreme Court Justice, she served from.... Read More

How Many Days are Father’s Day?

Father’s Day has come and gone earlier this month and with it the gatherings and celebrations in honour of the family’s key men. For some this will have been a happy day and opportunity to express genuine love and appreciation for their parent but in.... Read More

A Mighty Injustice

In 1998 a paper was published in the prestigious English medical journal the Lancet, which changed the course of the lives of many children. Some would argue for the worst, but a significant and highly vocal minority would disagree. The paper, by Dr Andrew Wakefield.... Read More

ADHD – Mismatch or Illness?

At 6, Lilly was in lots of trouble.  She and her family had been referred to family therapy by the school who had become exhausted by her inattention, distractibility, and violence towards other children. In the first session attended by the whole family it became.... Read More

The Amazing Social Experiment Nobody Wanted

For most of us the world we entered and grew up in has been relatively safe and stable with our challenges and tragedies confined to our family and community. This has all changed and now we, as a world, have been confronted with a global.... Read More