Director’s Notes


Bower Knowledge Do we have to teach Kindness? Parents are often concerned that they must teach their children to be generous and share, yet authors Ankin, Hamlin and Dunn (2012) suggest that socialization may well be complemented by an evolved response for humans to find.... Read More

Supervision and Training

Is it theoretically and practically relevant and will they treat me respectfully? Another new year has begun and time to set goals for 2019. Will it be a fitness programme, a resolution to spend more time with family, a better work-life balance or decision to.... Read More

The Gift of Giving

Director’s Notes – December 2018 Bower Knowledge As we come closer to Christmas and the anticipated well-earned rest of the holidays, we plan gifts for our family, friends and colleagues. As much time can be spent thinking, discussing and anticipating as finding the gift and.... Read More

Family and Therapy

Director’s Notes – December 2018 Bower Knowledge When we hear the word ‘family therapy’ it conjures up a picture of Mum, Dad and 2.5 children sitting with an earnest therapist looking angrily at each other. Yet family therapy is so much more than addressing family.... Read More