Australia Day

Algorithms are commonly seen to be mysterious but nasty bits of computer code that help spread fake news and target our online experience with uncannily personalised advertising. To a mathematician or a computer scientist, however, algorithms are usually much more benign. As defined by the.... Read More

Positive Practices in Behavioural Support

Adelaide-full brochure This is a 4-day seminar series covering the following topics: • The IABA Multi-element Model • Comprehensive Functional Assessment • Person-Centred Positive Behavioural Support • Emergency Management and Reactive Strategies Within a Positive Practices Framework • Assuring Staff Consistency and the Provision of.... Read More

Workshop Series 2018

It’s a new year and with it comes thoughts about our professional development goals for 2018 and how to best meet these. At Bower Place we are offering a program that acknowledges the centrality of the National Disability Scheme which delivers funding for people with.... Read More

Building Family Connection at Christmas

Each year around Christmas time, conversations with our clients turn to the predictable stress of time with family over the holidays. While Christmas can be a time of reunion with friends, families and loved ones, all-too-familiar family tensions may occur. These include the pressure to.... Read More

The Complexity of Couples Counselling

Marriage is not an easy business and during the first decade satisfaction significantly decreases.(Bradbury, Fincham & Beach, 2000) The resultant distress has consequences for individual psychological well-being as well as a pervasive effect on the broader family system and often results in a request for.... Read More