Director’s Notes

COVID-19 & Morrison

I was raised in swamp country, Mooro country, stretching north of the Swan River in Western Australia. A swamp will teach you how to dig a tractor out of a bog, out of a quagmire; the more you spin your wheels the deeper the tractor.... Read More

The New Authority and Responsibility

As Australians we value our identity as mavericks; convict, bushranger and intrepid migrant who decide if we will accept authority and defy it if we deem it unfair. While valuable in many circumstances, this quality may well undermine our health and safety as the Coronavirus.... Read More

We are all in this Together

All-natural disasters are devastating. However, some, like the recent bushfires, are contained within geographical areas leaving others to extend practical assistance, care, guidance and support. The COVID-19 epidemic affects us all, raising the crucial question of how those who remain physically well can continue their.... Read More

Fires and Pestilence

Life threatening circumstances beyond our control; fire, flood, pestilence and war are part of the human condition. However most Australians have been well protected from their vicissitudes; until now. Within months we have watched bushfires destroy homes, wildlife, businesses and lives. Now we are being.... Read More

Parent Alienation or Wise Avoidance?

Practitioners who work with separating parents and their children are familiar with the distress, anxiety and fury that accompanies a child’s steadfast refusal to have contact with a parent. The therapeutic and legal community where the concept is invoked is also divided. Some argue that.... Read More