Director’s Notes

Good News on Christmas

No one claims that Christmas decorations are high art but it appears that they too have their role in enhancing the positive benefits of Christmas. Dr Neil Jeyasingam has some good news about the tinsel, trees and lights that appear throughout the community. He notes.... Read More

Christmas Myths

Not everything you hear about Christmas is true. There probably are no flying reindeer as depicted on Christmas cards and an elderly gentleman does not personally deliver presents. Those of us who work in the mental health field have also developed some myths about Christmas.... Read More

Resilience as a Family

Natural disasters like the bushfires which continue to ravage our country and test the coping capacity of affected families, focus our attention on resilience and factors which allow some to better manage the challenges presented. Ungar (2015) suggests that in such contexts families’ well-being ‘depends.... Read More

Responding to Disaster

Australians are no strangers to natural disaster, as Dorothea MacKellar wrote in 1904, ‘I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping plains, of ragged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rains’. Currently we suffer both drought and bushfire raising questions as to how we,.... Read More

Integrative Models

The early days of family therapy theory and practice was ‘dominated by a charismatic set of brilliant therapists who ranged widely in how they conceptualized family process and what they did in therapy.’ In turn practitioners were invited to become devotees of one ‘school’ and.... Read More