Fires and Pestilence

Life threatening circumstances beyond our control; fire, flood, pestilence and war are part of the human condition. However most Australians have been well protected from their vicissitudes; until now. Within months we have watched bushfires destroy homes, wildlife, businesses and lives.

Now we are being warned about the coronavirus which threatens our bodies and our economy. While superficially dissimilar they share many commonalities; both are deadly, both creep up unseen until they are upon us and both are given extensive attention which exhorts us to both prepare and not to panic. Nonstop media attention, false claims and the uncertainty surrounding us fuels hypervigilance and anxiety and often unhelpful ways of attempting to reassert control. Panic buying, racism and misinformation reinforce the cycle of fear. As  Dorothy Frizelle, consultant clinical health psychologist and head of services UK.  Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust says “People notice more, and hear more, and read more, and interpret that in a threatening way.”

What can we do and how do we reassure clients? A greater sense of control can be achieved by seeking information from reliable sources and then putting the search for additional information aside. Ordinary hygiene measures, taking responsibility to self-quarantine, and avoiding large gatherings are also sensible ways to increase a sense of mastery. As social beings who can increase each other’s fears, we can also allay them by seeking support from those who can help us establish reasonable safety measures and then offer support and reassurance and a focus on the good things that continue to be part of life.


Remote Consultations and Telecommunication

Bower Place offers telecommunication and electronic delivery methods to clients for the purpose of therapeutic services.

Telecommunication and internet services as a medium for therapeutic and psychological services is particularly important to facilitate access to people in rural and remote locations, with specific language and cultural needs, limited availability to travel, and those with impaired health.

In light of the current health and safety concerns due to the spread of Coronavirus (COVID 19), Bower Place is offering confidential therapeutic services through secure electronic delivery methods as an alternative to face-to-face session in our Clinic.

Please contact us on (08) 8221 6066 or email for more information.