Family Therapy is…

The term ‘family therapy’ would have to be one of the most misleading titles in our field. How can that be? Surely it is self-evident? Family therapy is about meeting with a family to address their relational difficulties.

Not so. Family therapy is about meeting with an individual, a couple, a family, an extended family, a helper system or  any relevant social group to address a difficulty manifest as a symptom in an individual or a relationship difficulty between two or more people in that social system. The term family therapy does not refer to the people who attend but rather to the practitioner’s theoretical lens. Many practitioners prefer the term systemic therapy as it draws attention to a perspective which locates all human difficulties in the social relational patterns in which the symptom bearer is embedded and suggests that their resolution lies in addressing these patterns of interaction. So the next time you hear the term family therapy think pattern not people.


Family Therapy at Bower Place

Bower Place specialises in Family Therapy & Systematic Practice both within our Complex Needs Clinic and Private Practice.

Fees vary depending on practitioners and clinic. Rebate may be available through Medicare, Private Health Insurance or NDIS depending on individual and family circumstances.

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