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Directors’ Notes
Working with ‘Complex’ Children

The assumption that human difficulties are within the person who shows the symptom means that service .. Read More

Emotional Dysregulation (part 3)

Dysregulated Children – the Escalating Cycle Parents, teachers and carers will tell you they can .. Read More

Emotional Dysregulation (part 2)

How do we think about dysregulated children? Working with dysregulated children within the Bower Place .. Read More

News & Events
Upcoming Workshop – Emotional Dysregulation

“A neuro-political approach to therapy with emotionally & behaviourally dysregulated children, .. Read More

Bower Knowledge and Training – Complexity Series

Bower Place has released The Complexity Series. The Practitioners at Bower Place have extensive .. Read More

The Gift of Giving – Baradine Biscuits

Baradine is a small town in north western New South Wales, which in 2016 had a population of 760 people .. Read More