Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT) 2017 Family Therapy Conference

Join us at the Australian Association of Family Therapy (AAFT)2017 Family Therapy Conference.

On October 19th & 20th, family therapists from around Australia will gather for the annual conference where local and international speakers will address the theme, Family Therapy and Social Justice: Collapsing the Divisions of Inequality in relation to work with Indigenous Australians, Health and Disability, Age, and Gender. Inequality can be both the source of our client’s problems, as well as a major impediment to effective service delivery, and this conference aims to explore ways to effectively collapse divisions of inequality at every level of the system.
We are delighted to welcome international keynote speakers, Jenny Gray OBE, from the UK who will speak on Working Collaboratively to Prevent and Respond to Child Abuse and Neglect’, and Dr Anne Prouty, Ph.D., from the USA on ‘Gendered Inequality: Deconstructing Barriers to Enable Sensitive Systemic Practice with Diverse People and Relationships’. We are equally excited to hear from Alison Elliott, co-presenting with Banu Moloney, who will describe the work of the Indigenous Team at the Bouverie Centre, and Malcolm Robinson from Bower Place who will address The Disabling Effect of Inequality in Systemic Practice.
Catherine Sanders and Malcolm Robinson will present a workshop,BowerNote: Processes and Protocols for Managing Inequality in Therapeutic Practice, which describes comprehensive organisational protocols and processes that can be used to manage inequality within the therapeutic relationship and wider system. Lastly, Catherine and Melissa Minney will present It’s Just Not Fair: Making Family Therapy Accessible for Children, with practical suggestions of practices and protocols to make the therapeutic process more fair and equitable for our younger clients.
The conference also provides a forum for current students and alumni of Bower College’s post-graduate Diploma of Family Therapy and Systemic Practice. Leigh Bateman will provide a practical guide for addressing inequality when working with intellectually disabled clients, while Dr Judith de Lang will explore the use of a systemic family therapy framework when working within the constraints of public health settings. For information on how to register for the AAFT conference, please